Special Types Of  Wind Turbines

Special Types:



(Note that it is similiar to Darrieus Turbine. But efficiency is rather higher)


* - TIP VANES: Refer to research activities in:

 Delft University  (Holland), and

MIE University (Japan)

Tip-vanes: The angled extention attached to the wind blades increases the total efficiency of HAWT wind turbines.


* - TORNADO Wind Energy Concentrator System  (TWECS):

(TWECS) has no moving part at all. Higher performance depends on the higher volume of wake effects behind the turbine.




* - G.Model Wind Turbine

GMWT is a special type of augmented VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) with self directioning capability.

Diffuser AADV (augmentation And Directioning Vanes) have both augmentation and self directioning capabilities.

Please follow details

"GMWT"   vs.   "DARRIEUS"

Comparisons on GMWT  against DARRIEUS blades (alone) for three different load conditions.



"GMWT"   vs.   "DARRIEUS"